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DID YOU KNOW ? Frogs do not drink water !

What if we told you that frogs, these fascinating little vertebrates found in a wide variety of habitats around the world, do not drink water ? Although this information may seem unlikely, it is indeed true !

Grenouille sur un nénuphar dans l'eau

So, how do these amphibians manage to stay hydrated if they don't drink water ?

The answer lies in their unique method of moisture absorption through the skin. Frogs have highly permeable skin, which allows them to breathe and absorb moisture from their surroundings. They have specialized skin glands that continuously produce a thin layer of mucus on their skin. This mucus plays a crucial role in maintaining skin moisture and facilitating water absorption.

Frogs heavily rely on their environment to stay hydrated. They tend to be found near bodies of water such as ponds or rivers, where they can bathe or benefit from the ambient humidity. By absorbing water through their skin, they manage to maintain their water balance and stay properly hydrated.

It is important to note that not all frog species exclusively depend on cutaneous absorption for hydration. Some species, especially those inhabiting more arid environments, also have the ability to drink small amounts of water. They can ingest water by sucking it in through their mouths. However, it's essential to understand that this method of water consumption is less common in frogs compared to other animals.

The ability of frogs to absorb water through their skin is a vital evolutionary adaptation for their survival in diverse environments. It also makes them highly sensitive to water quality and the presence of pollutants in their habitat. Thanks to their permeable skin, frogs are particularly responsive to environmental changes and can serve as reliable indicators of the overall health of an ecosystem.




Brumisateur - Humidificateur - Ultra Fog

The ULTRA FOG misting system from Reptiles-Planet allows you to increase the terrarium's humidity, creating a perfect mist cloud for your reptile's hydration !

It is an ultra-vibration misting system that produces a fine mist with droplets of approximately 5 microns in diameter! This cannot be achieved with a traditional water pressure-based misting system. It is a humidifier for the terrarium that can increase the humidity level up to 100% (adjustable flow), creating a mist cloud inside the terrarium. The Ultra Fog generates morning dew in desert terrariums. Most tropical reptiles require humidity levels above 60%.

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